Studying Art and Design can provide students with unique skills of investigating, realising, experimenting and problem-solving. They also develop an appreciation of the work of artists and designers from a range of cultural backgrounds.

Art and Design students develop the conceptual, visual literacy and communication skills.


Year 8

Art and Design is an interesting, challenging and creative subject. In Year 8, your son will develop skills in Drawing and Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Textiles, Printing and ICT under the theme of FOOD.



Assessment is integral to teaching and learning in Art and Design. In Each Unit of Work, a wide range of skills are assessed – observational studies, technical skills, experimentation with a variety of media and the ability to sustain effort whilst working to reflect to make improvements.

Work is assessed at the end of each Unit and moderated by the Department.



The coursework is divided into 7 sections. 

Drawing - 7 weeks, 

Colour Theory - 2 weeks

Still-life Painting in mixed media - 6 weeks

Ceramics – 6 weeks

Mono-printing – 3 weeks

Felting – 4 weeks

Graphic Design – 8 weeks


Study / Homework Requirements:

Home work is extremely important as it reinforces the essential key skills of drawing and painting Students will receive one home work per week, which must be signed and timed by the parent.

Your son must spend at least one hour on his Art home work and evaluate the work undertaken using the appropriate Art terminology.


Key Points To Success:

Students must be focused and hardworking in order to achieve. Your son must spend time on his work. Never rush. Look and observe that is the key to improving essential skills. The most important aspect of Art is the enjoyment of being creative.


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