The department aims to help pupils:

  • develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding
  • gain experience using problem-solving strategies
  • apply mathematical techniques in other subjects, everyday and real-world situations
  • reason mathematically, make predictions and draw conclusions
  • interpret mathematical information displayed in graphs and tables
  • communicate mathematical findings accurately and concisely
  • acquire a foundation appropriate to the further study of mathematics and other related disciplines
  • appreciate both the beauty and fun that mathematics offers




Pupils in KS4 follow the AQA Linear mathematics specification.  The subject content includes:

  • number and algebra
  • geometry and measures
  • statistics and probability.


At AS/A level pupils study the CCEA course and will sit the following examinations:

Core 1 - January 

Core 2 - June 

Mechanics 1 - June 

In Year 14 the pupils complete the CCEA course:

Core 3 - June

Core 4 - June

Statistics 1 - June


Year 8 and 9 pupils are supported in class by Year 13 and 14 mentors who are studying mathematics.

Fun days

Each year the department aims to organise a maths fun day for all KS3 pupils.


This year we had a very successful mathematics careers event for Year 12, you can find out more about this on the home page.

Previous Year 12 pupils were involved in a STEM activity session run by the Navy to show the importance of mathematics within many aspects of their work.


On Thursday 6th November 2014, Year 13 and Year 14 Maths students travelled to Jordanstown for a Maths careers day.  This was an extremely useful experience as we listened to presentations from people in the maths and computing industry, for example CITI and First Derivative.  We also had the chance to try a variety of challenging puzzles during our lunch break.  

The event broadened our horizons with regards to the job opportunities within the maths sector.  It is evident that everyone who attended enjoyed the day, and we would strongly recommend the experience to other pupils.




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