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  "Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known"

Carl Sagan

Teaching staff:


Head of Department:  Mrs C Stewart

 Dr C Davidson 

Miss L McBride 

Dr E Veal




We all experience science daily: whether it is breathing, cooking or driving a car.  Studying science helps explain these and many other interactions and also brings with it great career opportunities in industry and commerce.



Key Stage 3 Science aims to stimulate pupils’ curiosity and enthusiasm to develop a sense of wonder in Science.  In Year 8 – 10, pupils are taught combined science for 6 periods across the fortnight.  Our program follows the Northern Ireland Revised curriculum and allows pupils to develop their Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.



At Key stage 4 and Post-16 we cater for all abilities and styles of learner, offering traditional academic GCSE and A Level courses, alongside more vocational, applied courses.  All programs have a focus on developing practical, investigative and problem-solving skills, ensuring that pupils are ready to meet the challenges of the world of work.



Extra-curricular Opportunities:


Science Club meets on a fortnightly basis during the first two terms. It is open to all pupils in Years 8 and 9. A wide variety of activities are covered during the year with an aim to raise awareness of Science in a fun and relevant way, away from the demands of the curriculum.  Sixth form pupils act as ‘demonstrators’ at science club – developing both leadership skills and their skills in science communication.


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