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Mathematics Department

  Mrs G Neill    (Head of Department)

 Miss A Kearney

 Mr J McPeak

 Miss E Thompson

The Mathematics Department endeavours to present Mathematics in and thought-provoking and enjoyable way while stimulating pupils’ curiosity in this subject. Great care is taken to ensure the transition from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible with mathematical skills being reinforced while developing and introducing new skills and concepts.


  • to make the learning of mathematics enjoyable and stimulating. We offer an extensive and developing mathematics curriculum that is pro-actively meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by the revised curriculum.
  • to create a positive learning environment, an atmosphere of enjoyment, endeavour and self-respect. A secure environment that creates a positive relationship.
  • to give the pupils opportunities to engage in self and peer assessment and take responsibility for their own learning. Achievement at all levels is celebrated.
  • to enable the pupils to see how they can apply mathematical skills within other learning areas of the curriculum. Create an awareness of career opportunities available for those studying mathematics at a further level.


We help pupils to: 

  • develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding
  • gain experience using problem-solving strategies
  • apply mathematical techniques in other subjects, every day and real-world situations
  • reason mathematically, make predictions and draw conclusions
  • interpret mathematical information displayed in graphs and tables
  • communicate mathematical findings accurately and concisely
  • acquire a foundation appropriate to the further study of mathematics and other related disciplines
  • appreciate both the beauty and fun that mathematics offers


Ballycastle High School
33 Rathlin Rd
BT54 6LD


P: (028) 2076 2254


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