Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. - Albert Einstein


Teaching Staff:

Miss M O'Neill

Mrs M Campbell

Mrs H Dalzell

Mrs L Elliott

Miss N Thompson

All courses studied at both Key Stages 3 and 4 are in line with the Northern Ireland Core Syllabus.

Key Stage 3
Over the three years pupils look topics under the four headings; the Christian Church, the Revelation of God, Morality and World Religion.

All Year 11 and 12 pupils study Religious Education through the examination body Edexcel.  There are 2 levels of Religious Education at GCSE.

Full course - 2 modules (Religion and Life: A study of Christianity/ Mark’s Gospel or Islam)

Short course – 1 module (Religion and Life: A study of Christianity)

There is no coursework for Religious Education.

  • Religion and Life includes the following areas:  Believing in God, Matters of Life and Death, Marriage and Family, Religion and community cohesion.
  • Mark’s Gospel includes the following areas:  Discipleship, Conflict and Argument, Death and Resurrection, and the identity of Jesus.
  • Islam includes the following areas:  Beliefs and Values, Community and Tradition, Worship and Celebration and Living the Muslim Life.


Currently the units studied are:

  • New Testament - Gospel of Luke (studied collaboratively at Ballycastle High School)
  • The Celtic Church (studied collaboratively at Cross and Passion College)

Assessment takes the form of 2 externally assessed examinations at the end of Year 13.  Each paper contains an element entitled human experience, drawing connections between the area of study and the wider world.


Currently the units studied are:

  • Themes in the Synoptic Gospels (studied collaboratively at Cross and Passion College)
  • Themes in the Celtic Church, Reformation and Post Reformation (studied collaboratively at Cross and Passion College)

There are two externally assessed papers set at the end of Year 14.  There is a synoptic element at A2 where both modules are considered alongside a theme.

Additional Information

  • Year 9 pupils have the opportunity to visit to Belfast Synagogue.
  • Scripture Union runs a series of lesson on Jesus and his relationship with people with Year 9.
  • Year 11 pupils have the opportunity to attend an inter-school Life Conference in Portstewart.
  • Ballycastle High School and Cross and Passion College are collaborating at KS3 with the Tony Blair, Face the Faith project which gives pupils the opportunity to take part in dialogue with different schools around the world


Visit to Belfast synagogue


Year 10 CEM conference:



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